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Made any "adjustments" lately?

alumni adjustments

Port Orange Campus


Drs. Elizabeth and John Bruno, ’08, Lake Worth, Fla., welcomed their fourth child, Elissa Beth Bruno, in 2013. They opened a new office in April 2014. Phone: (561) 360-3987, email: flexmedicalcenters@gmail.com.

Dr. Geneva Burch, ’09, Orlando, Fla., celebrated her first year in practice in April 2014. Phone: (407) 730-3441.

Dr. Colleen Fazio, ’09, Bolingbrook, Ill., became certified in acupuncture in 2011. Dr. Fazio is currently working on her MS in Clinical Nutrition. Phone: (901) 335-6006, email: colleen. renee@ gmail.com.

Dr. Nicolle Schultze, ’09, is practicing in Tortola and Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands. Phone: (284) 545-1188, email: drnicolle@me.com.


Dr. Katrina Kahook, ’10, Lake Worth, Fla., had a son, Ibraheem Kahook, on Jan. 19, 2014. Phone: (561) 582-5433, email: dr.kahook@aol.com.

Dr. Janine Hayes, ’11, Richmond, Va., is the sole practitioner at Ariya Family Chiropractic center at their Patterson Avenue location. Phone: (804) 288-1005, email: hayesjn04@ gmail.com.

Dr. Chase Walter, ’11, has purchased a practice at 1491 Hartford Hwy., Dothan, Ala. Phone: (334) 673-1488.

Made any "adjustments" lately?

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