From football players to ballet dancers ... sports chiropractors help all kinds of athletes

From football players to ballet dancers ... sports chiropractors help all kinds of athletes

Fall/Winter 2014

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Celebrating San Jose Sports Council’s 20-year history

The Palmer College of Chiropractic San Jose Sports Council celebrated its 20-year reunion during Homecoming 2014 in May. Three of the four executive officers from the founding Sports Council chapter in 1994, and 11 of the 19 Sports Council past presidents (including the first three), returned to join more than 200 past and present Sports Council members to celebrate the Council’s history and achievements.

Hosted by the current San Jose Sports Council chapter, the reunion reception featured special awards presented to the founding Sports Council president, faculty adviser and founding clinicians (Richard Robinson, D.C., ’96; Edward Feinberg, D.C., DACBSP, ’84; John McDaniel, D.C., ’86; and Thomas Souza, D.C., DACBSP). Special certificates of recognition were given to a distinguished group of more than two-dozen doctors for their outstanding career achievements that have helped advance the field of sports chiropractic.

Dr. Feinberg has been the Sports Council faculty adviser for 20 years. “It’s hard to find the words to express what a phenomenal experience the Sports Council celebration was for me,” he says. Seeing everyone “reminded me of what an honor it’s been to work with so many dedicated students.”

Alan Sidorsky, D.C., ’97, the founding secretary, says, “To see how the program has grown and continues to be driven over the last 20 years by those at Palmer West who share a similar passion for the field of sports chiropractic makes me very proud and honored to have been a part of the program from the beginning.”

Sports Council then and now!

1994 - Left to right: Dr. Alan Sidorsky, San Jose ’97; Sports Council Faculty Adviser Dr. Edward Feinberg, San Jose ’84; Dr. Richard Robinson, San Jose ’96, founding Sports Council president; and Dr. Bill Jacobs, San Jose ’97. 2014 - Left to right: Dr. Richard Robinson, Dr. Alan Sidorsky, Dr. Bill Jacobs, Dr. Edward Feinberg and Dr. Chris Alvarez, San Jose ’98.

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