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Core Values: Strengthening Chiropractic Philosophy, Art and Science

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Port Orange Campus Homecoming 2015 Feb. 27–March 1

San Jose Campus Homecoming 2015 May 1–3

Join us for a weekend of …

  • Presentations by the profession’s leading speakers
  • Information to implement in practice on Monday morning
  • Updates on the latest chiropractic products and services
  • Reunions, fellowship and networking
  • Up to 20 hours of continuing education credit *

D.C. pricing starts at $225
* A maximum of 20 continuing education credits have been applied for in select states. Check with the Continuing Education and Events Department or your state board prior to registering.

Register Today

www.palmer.edu/homecoming or call (800) 452-5032

Event Sponsors

NCMIC Group, Inc.
Standard Process Inc.
Performance Health/Biofreeze/Thera-Band

Port Orange Campus keynote speakers include:

Port Orange Campus President Peter Martin, D.C. Christopher Colloca, D.C.

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