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Dr. Glass rocks with KISS Arena Football

Dr. Glass with players from the Los Angeles KISS Arena Football League team.
Dr. Glass standing on sideline

Dustin Glass, D.C., San Jose ’03, is the team chiropractor for the new Arena Football League (AFL) franchise in Los Angeles owned by the rock band KISS. His primary practice is Competitive Edge Chiropractic in Lake Forest, Calif.

During the AFL season, which runs from April to July, Dr. Glass works as part of a sports-care team that includes the head athletic trainer and head medical doctor. He provides chiropractic care for players once a week at team practices, at every home game and in his Anaheim office on an as-needed basis.

Dr. Glass was in the locker room when KISS members and primary team owners Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley delivered their pre-game pep talk before the team’s inaugural game in April. “It was very energetic and ‘theatrical’ in true KISS fashion,” says Dr. Glass, noting that film crews are present at all practices and games. The team’s debut season, and the involvement with its two Rock-and- Roll Hall-of Fame member owners, will be produced as part of a reality TV show on AMC.

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