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Dr. Tara Mahar-Morris provides Olympic-style care

9/14/2011 (Archived)

Dr. Tara Mahar-Morris, West Campus alumna (’00), recently accompanied USA Swimming, the national governing body for competitive swimming in the United States, to London. She was a member of the medical staff that provided care for U.S. team members who competed in the pre-Olympic test event the 10km Marathon Swimming Invitational.   CA Mahar-Morris Olympic

For the past five years, Dr. Mahar-Morris has served as the team doctor/trainer for the Austin Outlaws women’s professional football team and has also worked with the Austin Vipers semi-pro football team. In 2009, Dr. Morris earned a prestigious appointment to the Olympic Training Center (OTC) in Colorado Springs, Colo. Dr. Morris also earned an appointment to USA Swimming’s medical staff following positive evaluations she received during her preliminary medical network internship for USA Swimming, which also is charged with selecting the U.S. Olympic swimming team and any other teams which officially represent the United States.

Advancing to providing care at competitions in other countries has enabled Dr. Mahar-Morris to discover another reason why more and more athletes are requesting the availability of chiropractic care before stepping onto the international sports stage.

During her two-week OTC rotation, Dr. Mahar-Morris not only had the opportunity to care for some of the top athletes in the world, she also enjoyed the multidisciplinary dynamic of working with other sports care providers.

CA Mahar-Morris stretch“The OTC experience was phenomenal. It was a real eye-opening experience to see first-hand the physical intensity of what the athletes put their bodies through,” said Dr. Mahar-Morris, who is a Certified Chiropractic Sports Practitioner. “I was at the OTC the summer before the Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver. It was quite a kick watching the Games just a few months later, and seeing athletes that I had treated not only competing, but some of them also won medals.”

Dr. Mahar-Morris' ultimate goal is to be a chiropractor at the Olympic Games. "That would be my dream.”

Dr. Mahar-Morris’ introduction to chiropractic was the result of traumatic circumstances. Her mother had fallen down a flight of stairs at their home in Germany (where her father was stationed as a member of the military). The injuries were so severe that the doctors who provided the immediate care in Germany told Dr. Morris’ family that her mother had only a 30-percent chance of walking again.

“My mother had received chiropractic care since she was a teenager, so we flew back to the U.S., so my mother could see her chiropractor. She was back to normal in no time, and that experience left a lasting impression.”

The life-changing results that Dr. Mahar-Morris’ mother achieved through chiropractic factored prominently in Dr. Mahar-Morris’ decision to become a D.C. – and once she made that decision, she knew she wanted to specialize in the field of sports chiropractic.

“The main reason I chose Palmer's West Campus was because it was the only school with a sports council that was actually getting out there, and doing something,” said Dr. Mahar-Morris. While attending Palmer’s West Campus, Dr. Mahar-Morris was the first woman president of the West Campus Sports Council.

“The experience I gained at Palmer was immeasurable in providing me with practical opportunities to build strong clinical skills, whether providing care on the field, or in my office,” said Dr. Mahar-Morris.