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DOD/VA internship program update

8/31/2011 (Archived)

The Department of Defense/Veterans Affairs Chiropractic Internship Program provides senior-level interns from all three Palmer campuses with an opportunity to work with a staff chiropractor located in a Department of Defense or Veterans Affairs hospital. The interns gain valuable insights into how the Doctor of Chiropractic works with health professionals from other disciplines for the benefit of the patient.

In the spring of 2011, Palmer College of Chiropractic established academic affiliations with three additional Department of Defense facilities in Rhode Island, Connecticut, and California, bringing affiliations with Naval facilities to a total of five. Then in August 2011, an academic affiliation with a Veterans Affairs facility in Augusta, Ga., was established, bringing the total VA facility affiliations to six. Palmer students now have opportunities for internships with 11 different sites. Since the program started in 2007, forty-three students from Palmer’s three campuses have completed internships in DOD and VA facilities.