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West Campus honors 2011 employee service anniversaries at holiday reception

12/16/2011 (Archived)

Faculty, staff and administrators at Palmer’s West Campus celebrated the holiday season, and honored employees celebrating their service anniversaries with Palmer College, at a special luncheon on Monday, Dec. 12, at David’s Restaurant in Santa Clara.

West Campus employees honored with anniversary service awards included:
• Maggie Quinonez, Clinics – 5 years
• Arthur Rios, Admissions – 5 years
• Luz Yulo, Library – 15 years
• Dr. Theresa Whitney, faculty – 15 years
• Dan Dugan, faculty – 20 years
• Eliana Nathan, Registrar’s Office – 25 years

Dr. Whitney, the West Campus faculty liaison to the Palmer Clinic Abroad Program, presented a special award to Stephanie Miller, who served as manager of the West Campus Cafeteria (and was recently promoted to another Aramark-managed location), for her efforts to assist with fundraising for West Campus CAP participants.

The program was hosted by West Campus President Dr. Bill Meeker, and the event was coordinated by Lisa Davis, executive assistant to the president.

Photo gallery: http://albums.phanfare.com/isolated/EampsfDg/1/5392839