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West Campus alumnus helps Train keep rockin’

4/23/2012 (Archived)

When Michael Pound, D.C., tells people he had a train encounter on Friday the 13th, some may assume the 2009 West alumnus literally ran into some back luck and had an unfortunate collision with a locomotive. Fortunately for Dr. Pound, his encounter was with Train – the band. CA Dr Michael Pound and Train

Actually, Dr. Pound received a call from Train’s manager, who was seeking a chiropractor to adjust the band and support crew prior to their show that evening at Slim’s nightclub in San Francisco, the band’s original hometown. The show was in celebration of Train’s new CD, “California 37.”

Known for hits such as “Save Me, San Francisco,” this time the band was singing a different tune: Save Us, Dr. Pound.

“When I first got the call, I was a little shocked. But at the same time, when a Grammy Award-winning artist calls and asks for help, it’s hard to say no,” said Dr. Pound, who maintains a practice in “the city by the bay.”

Instead of “Calling All Angels,” another of the band’s many hits, following a Google search of San Francisco-based doctors, Train’s manager began “Calling All Chiros.” However, the chiropractor ultimately selected by the band’s manager would have to meet one critical, non-negotiable criterion.

“One of the first things the band’s manager asked me is, ‘Are you a Palmer graduate? I know of two schools, and I choose Palmer grads,’” said Dr. Pound, who in 2006 created the website, ChiroShare.com. “While growing up in the Bay Area, the band’s manager had received chiropractic care from a Palmer chiropractor and said that he preferred Palmer doctors.”

Based on conversations with Train band members and crew, Dr. Pound said they’ve utilized chiropractic care before to prepare for the physical rigors of an energy-packed performance on stage and were grateful for the care provided in the band’s backstage dressing room.

Receiving backstage passes and tickets to see Train at a sold-out show in an intimate nightclub setting provided Dr. Pound with an unforgettable evening – as much for the opportunity to provide chiropractic care, as the actual concert.

“It’s always great to see people benefit from chiropractic care, regardless if they’re a garage band or a Grammy Award-winning band,” said Dr. Pound, a past ASG president, who also served as editor of The Bartlett student newspaper.

In addition to developing the ChiroShare website, Dr. Pound has also written one book, “The Power of Positive Stress,” and is in the process of writing another. However, providing hands-on care is what fills Dr. Pound with the greatest amount of satisfaction.

“I love treating my patients and seeing them get better. They’ve become like family to me. I can’t say that I’ve felt that way about any other job that I’ve had.” 

Photo: West Campus alumnus Dr. Michael Pound adjusted band members prior to a recent performance in San Francisco. From right: Train drummer Scott Underwood; Dr. Pound, Dr. Pound's wife, Darci; and Train lead singer Pat Monahan.