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Did you know? Palmer offers dual-degree program options and curriculum agreements

1/30/2012 (Archived)

Palmer’s Davenport Campus offers a sophisticated program of dual- degree options, as well as articulation and curriculum agreements, to assist students in transferring from an undergraduate institution to begin their Palmer education.

Under a 3+1 agreement, students spend three years at their undergraduate college, completing their fourth year of bachelor’s degree coursework while concurrently completing their first year at Palmer College in the Doctor of Chiropractic program.

With the 3+3 agreement, students finish three years at their undergraduate institution followed by three years at Palmer in order to complete their bachelor’s degree requirements. The DC degree is earned once graduation requirements are completed.

Both the 3+1 and the 3+3 agreements allow students to transfer credits earned at Palmer back to their undergraduate college to fulfill their bachelor’s degree graduation requirements. Click here for more information on the program.

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