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Florida Campus students a hit on WROD radio

2/7/2012 (Archived)

Feeling “Palmer Pride” is a regular occurrence for many of the students on the Florida Campus. Tiffany Clark, 11th quarter, and Kris Kondrad, 10th quarter, are taking that feeling to another level. FL Florida students on WROD

On Jan. 31, both Tiffany and Kris were featured on a WROD radio show, hosted by veteran broadcaster Kevin Geddings, himself a proponent of chiropractic. WROD plays oldies and classics with listeners throughout Volusia County. Sharing stories about how and when they first became interested in chiropractic, why they chose Palmer and how the listeners could benefit from chiropractic care in our clinics, both students were great ambassadors for the College and Clinic.

Immediately following the broadcast, both Tiffany and Kris were overflowing with enthusiasm.

“Being on a radio show is very exciting and a lot of fun," said Tiffany. "We’re so happy to have such a great opportunity to share the benefits of chiropractic and encourage people to consider chiropractic care. Obviously we can reach so many more people through the airwaves.”

Photo: Florida Campus students Kris and Tiffany take to the airwaves on WROD.