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National Public Health Week - April 2-8

3/28/2012 (Archived)

National Public Health Week will be held April 2 - 8 and is sponsored annually by the American Public Health Association (APHA). This year the APHA is promoting five themes for the week, which are listed below. With nearly 1 million Americans dying every year from diseases that could be prevented, even small preventive changes and community initiatives can make a big difference in living healthier lives. Click on the links for more information on these public health topics, or go to www.nphw.org to view additional information and resources. 

  • Active Living and Healthy Eating: Promote healthy choices in your communities, such as bike lanes and farmer’s markets. Learn more 
  • Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs: Identify alcohol and drug use disorders early to reduce high-risk alcohol and drug consumption. Learn more 
  • Communicable Diseases: Encourage proper hand-washing and food preparation habits. Learn more 
  • Reproductive and Sexual Health: Practice safe sex, encourage responsible contraception behavior and promote access to preventive health services. Learn more 
  • Mental and Emotional Well-Being: Refer people with signs of depression and suicidal thinking to appropriate resources and help centers. Learn more