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Online spine is an interactive way to introduce people to chiropractic

4/11/2012 (Archived)

Recently, Palmer posted an interactive spine on the College’s website. While many responses from alumni were positive to the addition of this recruiting tool, there were also some concerns.

In response to questions about the content of the new interactive spine app on the Palmer website, it is important to note that it was developed for prospective students and patients, rather than for more educated viewers like current students and alumni. So while it may not provide full details on the anatomical complexities of the spine, nervous system and organ functions, it is a great primer for someone who is interested in learning more about the spine and nervous system without being overwhelmed.

As the page states, the information provided via the interactive spine is generalized for informational purposes only. We hope that you, your patients and prospective students will find it entertaining and informative.

Click here to see the Interactive Spine.