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Did you miss Dr. Wasdin at West Campus Homecoming? Don't miss him in Davenport!

5/9/2013 (Archived)

One of the most talked about speakers during West Campus Homecoming (and there were many great ones!) was Howard Wasdin, D.C. Dr. Wasdin is a former Navy SEAL Team Six member and co-author of the New York Times bestseller, "SEAL Team Six: Memoirs of an Elite Navy Seal Sniper."

If you missed him at the recent West Campus Homecoming, you'll get another chance to see him speak at Palmer's Davenport Campus Homecoming, Aug. 8-10

Said Kurt Wood, D.C., Vice Chancellor for Clinic Affairs, “I found Dr. Wasdin’s presentation to be a compelling wake-up call for the chiropractic profession. He masterfully drew parallels from his experiences as a Navy SEAL to his experiences in chiropractic practice. He offered those parallels as sage advice that the profession would be wise to heed–such as having a uniform, clear and defendable public identity, understanding your limitations, and focusing attention to that which is in the patient’s best interest. Dr. Wasdin’s straight talk was refreshing. He’s an undeniable American hero who honorably represents the chiropractic profession. I’m proud to call him a colleague.”

Learn more about the entire upcoming event, visit the Davenport Homecoming, check out the Homecoming page.