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University of Wisconsin—Platteville signs articulation agreement with Palmer

5/14/2012 (Archived)

Happy memories and even a few hugs were shared May 2 on the Davenport Campus when a small group of Palmer students were reunited with representatives from their undergraduate institution, the University of Wisconsin—Platteville (UWP).

“It was a really neat dynamic. It was actually quite touching to see these students reunited with their undergrad and to hear the conversations going on—students sharing their excitement about Palmer and how glad they are that they’re here,” said Sandy Miller, articulation officer for Palmer.

Of the 14 Palmer students who proudly call UWP their alma mater, seven stopped by the Welcome Center to greet the very individuals who helped guide them toward chiropractic.

The impromptu reunion followed an official document-signing ceremony with UWP and Palmer administrators. The document that brought about Wednesday’s reunion was a 3+1 curriculum agreement between UWP and Palmer’s Davenport Campus.

The collaborative curriuculum agreement will allow students to transfer their first year of Palmer credits back to UWP to complete their bachelor’s degree. Palmer College maintains hundreds of such curriculum agreements, also known as articulation agreements, which save students time and tuition dollars.

"The UW-Platteville/Palmer College of Chiropractic articulation agreement is an excellent opportunity for students interested in pursuing chiropractic. With this agreement in place, it facilitates a smooth continuation and transition from the undergraduate to the professional curriculum while leveraging the strong academics of each institution. The agreement also increases the efficiency of this transition allowing students to complete their B.S. in Biology from UW-Platteville and Doctorate of Chiropractic from Palmer Chiropractic in a reduced amount of time. This agreement truly is a win-win," said Dr. Weber.

During the visit, UWP administrators also were given a brief tour of campus highlights. Event participants from UWP included Dennis Shields, Ph.D., chancellor; Dr. Wayne Weber, dean of the college of BILSA; and Dr. Jeff Huebschman, biology department chair.

Palmer participants included Dr. Dennis Marchiori, chancellor; Dr. Robert Percuoco, vice chancellor for Academics; Dr. Dan Weinert, campus provost; Karen Eden, senior director of Admissions; Sandy Miller, articulation officer; and Ellen Bassler, Admissions representative. Campus Guide Joseph O’Tool led the tour.