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Admissions and Alumni on the road: Spring by the numbers

5/23/2012 (Archived)

The spring months are a busy season for Palmer Alumni and Admissions representatives as they travel around the country and beyond to meet alumni and prospective chiropractic students.

Here’s a quick recap of the successful 2012 spring travel season:
60 spring recruitment events
15 spring alumni events
20 states visited
3 foreign countries visited

Ellen Bassler, Davenport Campus Admissions, visited the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities in early April and gave a presentation to 250 kinesiology students. One student had already been to one of Ms. Bassler’s presentations and decided to come again.

“This is my second time seeing your presentation,” said one prospective student. “I never get tired of hearing it”! Another student during the same presentation said she was “really inspired to look into becoming a chiropractor.”

But it’s not always the big-number events that make a difference. Prospective student dinners offer students the chance to learn about Palmer and chiropractic in a more personal setting and often include faculty and alumni speakers as well as current students. These events can be the turning point in a student’s decision to choose Palmer.

One young woman, who attended a dinner hosted by Ms. Bassler in Green Bay, Wis., was inspired by the program and visited the College just days later. Skip Wyss, D.C. (Davenport), and faculty clinician Ron Boesch, D.C. (Davenport '91), were the guest speakers that evening.

You can make a difference to the future of the profession and future chiropractors by volunteering to speak to students during an Admissions event. To learn more, contact the Admissions Office on one of the Palmer campuses.

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