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Doctors, students like what they see at 'Vision 2020' West Campus Homecoming 2012

5/29/2012 (Archived)

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Palmer College’s West Campus celebrated its first springtime Homecoming during the weekend of May 18-20 with a program that featured an impressive line-up of seminars, speakers and social events -- and judging by the response, doctors and students liked what they saw at 'Vision 2020: Planning For The Future.' CA West Campus Homecoming alumni 

More than 350 guests, including nearly 90 D.C.s, attended Homecoming 2012, which had traditionally been an October event since the first West Campus Homecoming in 1985.

Another adjustment to the 2012 West Homecoming included an expanded seminar program, from two to three days. Multi-track sessions featured plenary presentations by Palmer Chancellor Dennis Marchiori, D.C., Ph.D., and James Chestnut, D.C., as well as seminar speakers Joe Biernat, D.C., Steven Capobianco, D.C., Christopher Colloca, D.C., James Cox, D.C., Greg Doerr, D.C., Mary Anne Frost, D.C., Christine Goertz, D.C., Tom Hyde, D.C., Greg Kawchuk, D.C., Craig Liebenson, D.C., Anthony Lisi, D.C., West Campus President Bill Meeker, D.C., Bill Moreau, D.C., Dan Murphy, D.C., Jennifer Pedley, D.C., Brian Porteous, D.C., Michael Schneider, D.C., Frank Sovinsky, D.C., and Wayne Whalen, D.C..

“Those of us involved with the planning of this year’s Homecoming worked very hard to produce a balanced and compelling program of influential speakers, and it worked,” said Dr. Bill Meeker, West Campus president. “We had something for everyone, and the energy level was as high as I’ve ever experienced. And the party was outstanding!”

“I had a wonderful time at Homecoming. It was great to see such a large turnout of students and alumni,” said Nicole Kilgo, D.C. (West ’10), who ventured from Sartell, Minn., where she maintains a practice at Chiropractic Performance Center. “To me, it is important to show my commitment to the school and to the people who helped educate me to get me where I am today. That is why I made sure I attended this year’s Homecoming. I hope to continue attending Homecoming and continue showing my support for Palmer’s West Campus.”

“It was great having a Homecoming program that highlighted the backbone of the West Campus experience: sports chiropractic and research,” said Andrew Cohen, D.C. (West, ’04), who practices at ProActive Chiropractic in San Francisco. “One of the most memorable aspects of Homecoming is attending the lectures, joined by deans, professors, other alumni and current students, and the tangible feeling of everyone captivated by the cutting-edge information.”

In addition to the seminars, West Campus Homecoming 2012 also included a concurrent Prospective Student Event (PSE). Of the nearly 50 who attended, 26 had already submitted applications to attend Palmer’s San Jose campus. PSE attendees included guests from California, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Nevada, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Washington, as well as guests who’d ventured from provinces in Canada (Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario).

Among the highlights of the PSE was a panel presentation that featured West alumni Dr. David Paris (’01), Dr. Brant Pedersen (’04), and Dr. Wayne Whalen (’86).

“It is always an amazing time to bring applicants on campus and provide them the opportunity to not only learn more about Palmer, but also to engage and interact with faculty, staff, students and alumni,” said Julie Behn, West Campus enrollment director. “This year’s Homecoming had an amazing line-up of speakers, and many of our applicants who were previously ‘on the fence’ told me that Palmer is their only choice now.”

West Campus Homecoming 2012 was a time to celebrate the past and salute the present. The College hosted a special dinner at J. Lohr Winery in San Jose for members of the Class of ’87 to celebrate their 25-year reunion.

Scholarships were presented to the following students during the President’s Reception:

  • Dr. Peggy Sherman Endowment Scholarship: Annie Kushner and Michael Scott.
  • Performance Health/Biofreeze Gift Scholarship: Olivia Chu, Jason Kim, Annie Kushner, Ka Yu Lee, Michael Scott, and Shannon Snow.
  • Dr. Mohan Menon Book Scholarship: Justin Braeme, Nicholas Grant, Travis Rose, Jason Yaplee
  • Dr. Fletcher and Janet Parker Gift Scholarship: Stephanie Johnson, Annie Kushner, Ka Yu Lee, Michael Scott, Marcus Waters.
  • Dr. Priscilla Benham Memorial Gift Scholarship: Melissa Aranda and Ferdinand Castro.
  • Dr. Flavia Van Dyke Endowed Recruitment Scholarship: Justin Fotter, Rachel Hamil, Ajay Iselin.

Vendor exhibitors included the ACA Sports Council, Biogenesis Nutraceuticals, Inc., California Chiropractic Association., Multi Radiance Medical, National Chiropractic Council, NCMIC Group, Inc., Performance Health, Inc., ProMassagers.com, Standard Process, Inc.

West Campus Homecoming 2012 concluded with a Saturday evening dinner gala event at the Santa Clara Hilton Hotel, which included entertainment provided by Las Vegas illusionist Ben Seidman and local dance band So Timeless.

Watch for details in Palmer Highlights and the News section of the Palmer.edu regarding dates for West Campus Homecoming 2013.