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Dr. Lisa Killinger provides a behind-the-scenes look at ACC-RAC

6/26/2012 (Archived)

In a recent Q&A with Palmer News, Lisa Killinger, D.C. (Davenport Campus Diagnosis & Radiology), answered questions regarding her role in the 2012 ACC-RAC conference.

Palmer News: What is involved in becoming an invited presenter to ACC-RAC, and how does it differ from giving IA Dr. Lisa Killingera regular presentation?

Dr. Killinger: For a regular presentation, hundreds of people send in abstracts and hope their talk will have merit enough to be selected for presentation by the reviewers. An invited presenter does not have to compete for slots. Chosen speakers circumvent the reviews, but they only get chosen when they are trusted to be content experts who will do a good job in front of a whole room of conference attendees. If they fail, the conference suffers.

Palmer News: Why were you selected to lead the closing plenary session?

Dr. Killinger: A plenary session host or leader is invited or chosen due to content expertise. Because I have done many presentations on the topic of Diversity and have done some training in the field at other chiropractic colleges and for chiropractic organizations/groups on the topic of diversity, I was asked to lead the closing plenary (which is attended by all attendees

The closing plenary was called “Overcoming Barriers: Training, Treating & Researching in an Increasingly Diverse World.” The people that the conference organizer and I selected to be part of that session were: Lisa Zaynab Killinger, D.C. (moderator); Cyndy Long, Ph.D. (Palmer Research); Anupama Kizhakkeveettil (Southern California University of Health Sciences); John Mrozek (Texas College of Chiropractic); Tolu Oyelowo (Northwestern College of Chiropractic); and Stephen Perle (University of Bridgeport College of Chiropractic).

Palmer News: What is the title of the paper you co-authored, and who are your co-authors? Will you explain what it’s about?

Dr. Killinger: “Diversity and Chiropractic: Why Should We Care?” It will be co-authored with all the folks in my workshop (Medhat Alattar, Anupama Kizhakkeveettil, Harrison Ndetan, Tolu Oyelowo, Per Palmgren, and Garrett Thompson) and will be published in the Journal of Chiropractic Education. 

I also led a workshop during ACC-RAC that was about diversity. Diversity is of growing importance as the chiropractic profession prepares to care for an increasingly diverse patient base. The session was interactive and was meant to increase the learners’ awareness of cultural competency issues in caring for or educating people of diverse backgrounds. Representatives of different races, genders, religions and ethnicities shared their experiences in working and living in our not-so-diverse chiropractic profession. We also explored reasons for improving our profession's diversity and our cultural competency.