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Florida Campus President, Student Council thank Standard Process

8/23/2012 (Archived)

Mr. Charles DuBois, president of the Standard Process Corporation, was the guest of honor during a luncheon recently hosted by Florida Campus President Peter Martin, D.C., and the Student Council.

FL Standard Process Luncheon“Standard Process owes a great deal of gratitude to the chiropractic profession, said Mr. DuBois. "The synergy between chiropractic and the whole foods and nutrition industry is well established. We are partners in holistic health.”

During the luncheon, Student Council President Megan Pfeffer, 9th Quarter, expressed the gratitude of all the students on the Florida Campus by presenting a framed photo of the Standard Process Student Center signed by members of the Student Council.

Photo: (from left) Charles DuBois, Dr. Peter Martin and Megan Pfeffer.