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West Campus alumna Dr. Christina Acampora advances the chiropractic conversation with M.D.s

8/27/2012 (Archived)

When it comes to fostering collaborative patient-care relations between the chiropractic and medical professions, few have played a more hands-on role during the past decade than Christina Acampora, D.C., West ’92. In fact, Dr. Acampora has literally “written the book” on the subject.

CA Dr. Christina Acampora Following her graduation from Palmer’s West Campus, Dr. Acampora maintained a practice in Mountain View for nearly a decade. However, after 10 years, a culmination of personal and professional factors found her at a career crossroads. Although it wasn’t an easy decision to step away from private practice, she opted to explore other health-related career paths, which led to a position as a sales representative for Forrest Laboratories, one of the world’s largest, oldest and most-profitable pharmaceutical companies, with revenues of more than $4.5-million in 2011.

“I quickly learned (M.D.s) were good at some things and horrible at others,” said Dr. Acampora, a South Carolina native, who spent her high school and college years in the South Bay area. “Within a month on the job (at Forrest), I remember telling a chiropractic friend, ‘If I only knew then, what I know now. I would have knocked on some medical doors.’”

Dr. Acampora’s sojourn at Forrest was a brief, but illuminating experience. In 2007, she created Aligned Methods, which now serves D.C.s through web-based resources and practice-tailored, evidence-based marketing strategies. One year later, Dr. Acampora wrote “Marketing Chiropractic to Medical Practices,” regarded as the first book to provide D.C.s with effective “how to” steps for educating the medical profession on how to utilize chiropractic services for their patients.

According to Dr. Acampora, research-demonstrated efficacy, consumer demands for conservative options, and the fact that M.D.s don’t have all the answers for treating low-back pain have opened doors of communication, resulting in an improved understanding of how collaborative efforts can better serve their patients.

CA Dr. Acampora book“Chiropractors provide the first stop in managing musculoskeletal pain, especially of the spine – and we’re very good at it,” said Dr. Acampora. “Most medical professionals want to learn about chiropractic care, and most understand and appreciate the value of manipulation. If each of us gets out and talks to even just a few M.D.s in our communities, we could do more for our profession than any formal national movement. Establishing a strong reputation and building quality relationships will ultimately bring results.”

Dr. Acampora now resides in Illinois but always enjoys coming “home” – to visit her family, and for special guest-speaker presentations at her chiropractic alma mater.

“Speaking at Palmer West is very personal,” said Dr. Acampora. “I have walked in their shoes. I remember dreaming of a practice. When I visit, I’m struck by how many of my professors from 20 years ago are still with Palmer -- and still teaching with the same passion that not only prepared me well for practice, but has also prepared so many other graduates who are now leaders in the profession. For this very reason, when people ask me what chiropractic college I attended, I always answer with pride: Palmer West.”