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Class of 1988: Meet me at Palmer Homecoming next year!

9/11/2012 (Archived)

Homecoming 2012: Class of ’88 alumnus perspective 

By Bob Kauffman, D.C.

Wow! What a great Homecoming! The Palmer campus never looked so good, the presentations were engaging, and hanging out with friends and family was awesome. This was the fourth year in a row my wife, Danielle (an ’89 alumna), and I have returned to the place where we first met.

What made it extra special was staying on campus at the Palmer Villas. No, this is not a new hotel but an apartment complex near campus. We were visiting with our son and daughter, Nick and Kristina, who are current Palmer students.

We made several new friends, Dr. Frank Sovinsky, Dr. Todd Curzie, Dr. Mickey Burt … and got to meet with several old ones, including Dr. John Wagner and family. Since first getting active again in 2009 at Palmer, I have had the privilege to be the “Class Dad” to Class 141 through the Adopt-A-Class program. I have to say, watching them reach this halfway point and interacting with them has been a truly rewarding experience. It’s great to see them so visible and involved on campus! I encourage all Palmer alums to get involved with this program. 

Being a Palmer history nut, I was thrilled to see all the good work being done at the Palmer Residence and Courtyard to preserve our unique and treasured legacy. Little Bit O’ Philosophy was a great, fun time that raised money for repairs and allowed the History and Philosophy gang to spend a great evening together. Hats off to Dr. Roger Hynes, Dr. Alana Callender, Dr. Rob Sinnott and his wife, Gail, and to all who bid in the auction! Keep Smiling, indeed!

Also, a big shout out to the fraternities and sorority. Especially our beloved Delta Delta Pi. The brothers and sisters of DDPi have never been so accommodating, and I don’t think we laughed so hard all weekend as when reminiscing with our “old” colleagues, Drs. Christianson, Bolick, Blohm and Moss and their families! The Greek system was hopping with something to do before and after all the Palmer events, and it was certainly great to go back to a place where everybody knows your name!

I’m still a rookie to the Presidents Club, but it was great to meet Dr. Trevor Ireland (chairman of the Board of Trustees) and Ms. Vickie Palmer for the first time. Vickie Anne Palmer Hall (the old Masonic Temple) is now a great addition to campus and hosted several events, all of which were great. I even met Todd Waters, The Chiro-picker – in full B.J. garb!

On the way home, I started thinking—wow, next year (2013) will be 25 years since we graduated from The Fountainhead. A lot has happened in that time; we’ve raised three kids (two at Palmer, one on the way), built two practices … but one thing we will always treasure is our time we spent at Palmer. You see, I also met Dr. William Shiepe (’62), who was back for his 50th reunion. His love of Palmer was so profound. He started telling story after story of B.J. and Palmer—everyone who was gathered there started recording him on their iPhones. Not a dry eye in the house. He was 92 years old! Inspiring!

So, why don’t we, the classes of 1988, make a point to plan, to mark our calendars NOW for Davenport, Iowa, for Palmer Homecoming 2013? Wouldn’t it be incredible to go back and see where we all got our start, to reunite with old friends, to reconnect to the oldest and largest chiropractic college? I even ran into classmates Dr. Karol Donaubauer, Dr. Kevin Cunningham and Dr Kevin Hamilton … he’s even thinking of “getting the band back together” for 2013––the last band to ever play on the porch of the old Student Union! 

I’ve already talked to people at Palmer and told them I’ll help in any way to make this the biggest and best reunion ever. And I’ve already contacted some of those of you I’ve kept in contact with, and the excitement is palpable. All of us have our own little circle of influence. Anybody who wants to help me with this, contact me, and let’s make it happen. Hey, we’re not getting any younger!

The best way to reach me is via email, or you can friend me on Facebook. We can work with Palmer to make it happen. So pull out the old ’88 yearbook and start reconnecting! 

Yours in Health,

Dr. Bob Kauffman, PCC ‘88