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West Campus alumnus 'likes' his new position at Facebook

10/11/2012 (Archived)

Leaving the multidisciplinary Chiro-Medical Group in San Francisco was not an easy decision for Dr. Daniel Lord (West ’08), after four years as a member of the chiropractic team. However, Dr. Lord “likes” his new position – as the chiropractor at the employee health center at Facebook’s main campus in Menlo Park, Calif.

Dr. Dan Lord at Facebook's health centerIn addition to Dr. Lord, Facebook’s health center, which is managed by Crossover Health integrated health services, features two M.D.s, four nurse practitioners, an acupuncturist and a physical therapist. 

“I think (Crossover Health) was looking to hire a D.C. who brought experience working in a multidisciplinary setting, and I consider myself fortunate to have spent my first four years of practice working in one of the best,” said Dr. Lord, who was selected for the Facebook health center D.C. position from a group of seven candidates.

“I’m grateful for the opportunity I had at CMG to learn from some of our profession’s best sports chiropractors, like Dr. Taylor Rabbetz (West ’00) and Dr. Hal Rosenberg (West ’01),” added Dr. Lord, a Madison, Wis., native, and past co-president of the West Campus Sports Council.

Like the growing number of similar worksite facilities, the Facebook health center features more of an integrated model, not the traditional insurance model, which results in comprehensive, employee-centered health services and savings. 

Plus, the network of Crossover corporate health centers take a “best practices” approach by integrating data from across their network continuum.

Facebook employees have access to all health center services, and can see the provider of their choice for a per-visit co-pay of $10. Once employees have utilized their cap of available visits, the system changes to a fee-for-service format; however, health center fees are lower than what they would pay in a hospital or public-clinic setting.

Dr. Dan Lord“I think more and more companies, like Facebook, recognize that providing campus-based health services for their employees typically results in a healthier and more productive workforce,” said Dr. Lord, who earned his B.S. (biological sciences) from the Univ. of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

“An on-site health center helps reduce a big portion of company health costs that result from work-related accidents, production-loss from missed work days, or symptoms that typically would result in admitting someone to the local hospital emergency room,”

In addition to his new position at Facebook, Dr. Lord also was recently appointed chiropractor for the 26-member Oracle racing team that will compete in the 2013 America’s Cup competition. 

Dr. Lord will spend four days a week at the Facebook health center, and one day a week working with the Oracle race team in San Francisco, where he expects to focus on sports injuries and low-back conditions associated with the constant “hiking” that takes place throughout a typical race (leaning back and over the hull of the boat).

Dr. Lord credits his Palmer education for helping him earn each of his professional appointments.

My career experiences since graduating have been amazing, and the education I received at Palmer is one of the main reasons. Dr. Ed Feinberg (West Sports Council Faculty Advisor) is not only one of the most knowledgeable teachers I’ve ever had, he’s one of the most special people I’ve been around in my life.”

Photo 1: Dr. Daniel Lord, West’ 08, was recently appointed as chiropractor in the employee health center at Facebook’s main campus in Menlo Park, Calif. 

Photo 2: Dr. Lord also was named chiropractor for the Oracle racing team that will compete in the 2013 America’s Cup races in San Francisco Bay.