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Florida Campus clinics ease pain for homeless veterans

10/11/2012 (Archived)

Homelessness among veterans is rising. Stand Down is a day when the community comes together to serve and offer a lifeline to veterans living without. 

Florida Campus Clinics - Stand Down 2012On Saturday, Oct. 6, a team of student interns led by Sally Bobo, D. C., faculty clinician, treated dozens of homeless veterans at the annual Stand Down held at the Department of Motor Vehicles in Daytona Beach. Veterans received health check-ups, haircuts, clothing, counseling and survival supplies from a variety of community service groups, all volunteering their time to help those in need. 

For Dr. Bobo, the event was one of many in her long history of treating and helping the most needy in our community. “They all learn a valuable lesson, (referring to the team of students) that is how much these veterans appreciate what we provide,” said Dr. Bobo. "For most of those we serve here or in our other outreach programs, it is the only healthcare of any type that they will receive."

Photo: A team of Florida Campus interns under the direction of Sally Bobo, D.C., treats veterans at Stand Down.