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As seen on Facebook

10/12/2012 (Archived)

The following comments were recently posted on Palmer’s Facebook pages and groups.

“Thank you, Palmer, for giving us the best Chiropractor in the world, Dr. Brent Meinburg from Michigan (Meinburg Wellness Advantage).” - Margaret L.

“I would love to get into the college, since I would really LOVE to become a Chiropractor!!!” - Lucie C. (Future Chiropractors group)

“I really enjoyed my exam and adjustment today at the Palmer Clinic in Florida. I can't wait to start Palmer next October! Whoo hoo! The students are so informative and really explained things to me in a manner that would make anyone feel comfortable! Austin is AWESOME!” - Jessica A. (Future Chiropractors group)

“Celebrating the Birthday of Chiropractic studying my undergrad science notes. Gotta build a strong foundation for my future years studying at Palmer to be a Doctor in the best healthcare field that came to be 117 years ago today!!! Thank you D.D., and his family for making sure Chiropractic is here today for the world!!!” - Razi F.

“Oh, I miss Palmer Trick-or-Treat.” - Wendi P. (See this year's photo gallery.)

“Palmer graduates in Houston Texas are a very rare occurrence. There are only a few of us. I wish there were more Palmer grads here in Houston.” - Gregory J.

“I will be adding to the Houston population of Palmer DCs in 6 short weeks!” - Amy T.

“Got my provisional (but very promising) acceptance to @palmercollege … my future? let's hope so :):)” - Anonymous hopeful future Palmer student