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iRadTech Chiro app launched for iPhones

10/25/2012 (Archived)

On Oct. 2, a new app for iPhones and iPads was launched that works as a reference for radiographic positioning. The app was created by Palmer's own Linda Carlson, M.S., R.T. (Diagnosis & Radiology Department, Davenport Campus), and Philip W. Ballinger, Ph.D., R.T.

Highlights editor: What made you decide to create an iPhone/iPad app? Have you worked with this technology before? 

iRadTech appMs. Carlson: I was approached by Phil Ballinger, who is a big name in radiology. He wanted to do a medical radiography app and thought I might "enjoy" doing a chiropractic radiography app. This was my first time working with the technology. I'm so techno-challenged!

Highlights editor: For those not familiar with Mr. Ballinger, could you share some information about him? How did you come to work with him on this project?

Ms. Carlson: Phil is a renowned author on the subject of radiographic positioning, and I met him at a seminar several years ago. We have kept in touch by e-mail, both professionally and personally, and he said he immediately thought of me when he had his "big idea."

Highlights editor: What does the app offer?

Ms. Carlson: The app is an entire presentation on chiropractic radiographic positioning. Since chiropractic radiography is somewhat different than medical radiography, I thought many of Palmer's alumni might like to have it handy on the iPhones or iPads in lieu of a positioning textbook. The app contains text explaining how to perform a particular set-up for each part of the body. We have included pictures of how the set-up should look, and we have included pictures of the resulting radiograph of each set-up.

 Highlights editor: Where can people find the app? 

Ms. Carlson: It's available on iTunes and currently sells for $19.99.

 Highlights editor: It sounds like a great tool for chiropractors. 

Ms. Carlson: It was an enlightening experience! It was an honor to work with Phil, and it has been fun to say, "I wrote an app for iPhone!"