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Florida Campus students reach out to alumni in Student-Centered Campaign

11/9/2012 (Archived)

FL Phone-a-thon 2012The Florida Student-Centered Capital Campaign phone-a-thon was held on the Florida Campus on October 22-26 to raise funds for the Standard Process Student Center Building. Many student leaders from Campus Guides, Student Council, PSAF and SABCA participated during the event. The event was very successful with pledges and gifts coming in each evening. Students were able to speak with many doctors throughout the week, with one student actually arranging a “shadowing experience” with one of the alumni she contacted during the phone-a-thon.

Jessica Malcheff and Jill Naab, from the Davenport Campus Development Office, coordinated and supervised the event with the help of Melissa Lingo in Student Services and Jessica Blumenfeld in Admissions. 

“This event was extremely successful," said Ms. Malcheff. "The students were enthusiastic and motivated to really help with this portion of the campaign to reach our Florida Campus alumni. We were so fortunate to be able to meet some of the Florida Campus students and work with them throughout the week. We thank everyone for their willingness to help and for their willingness to try something new on this campus.”

Photo: Florida Campus students with Palmer alumna Dr. Connie Mitchell (third from left), Jessica Malcheff (third from right) and Jill Naab (far right).