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Dr. Jessica Paige coaches lacrosse in Malta

11/14/2012 (Archived)

Dr. Jessica PaigeJessica Paige, D.C. (West '03), was recently asked by a colleague to coach a lacrosse team in Malta, a group of seven islands in the Mediterranean Sea. Dr. Paige grew up on the East Coast where lacrosse is very popular and began playing the sport in ninth grade. 

"I fell in love with the sport," said Dr. Paige. "I played four years in high school then four years in college."

Dr. Paige has coached lacrosse for nearly 11 years, and she has coached many different levels from U11 to varsity high school and also internationally to post-collegiate women. She started the varsity lacrosse program four years ago at Saint Francis in Mountain View, Calif., and is currently the head coach. The team won the Santa Clara Valley Athletic League championship back to back in 2011 and 2012.

"Coaching in Malta was a lot of fun," said Dr. Paige. "Lacrosse is a sport native to the northeast of America and is quickly growing. Hopefully one day it will be an Olympic sport. The girls were amazing to work with and just so excited to have American coaches teaching them the game."