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What are your favorite places around campus?

11/14/2012 (Archived)

All students and alumni have their favorite places on and around campus. Where are yours? The following are answers given by Palmer alumni on Facebook.

Dr. Ryan Gutierrez (Davenport '07) - "Harris Pizza."

Dr. Douglas Gagnon (Florida ' ) - "Pete's Pizza on Ridgewood Avenue--best take-out pie around. Zen Bistro (Thai food) on Bay Street in Daytona Beach. Amazing."

Dr. Brad Yee (West '91) - "Who remembers the croissant sandwich joint from Sunnyvale 80's days?"

Dr. Greg Wademan (Davenport '74) - "Let's see ... when I was attending Palmer, I liked to hang out at Brud's downtown, Balboa's, Marycrest College's student union, Circle Tap and, of course, the Palmer Student Union on Perry Street. And Shakee's Pizza for the all you can eat lunch special."

Dr. Gregory Johnson (Davenport '71) - "We used to eat breakfast at the Village Inn at 3 a.m. all the time. It was great going there when the snow was six feet deep."

Dr Dave Russ (Florida '07) - "Mr. Dunderbaks."

Dr. Breyan Radeck (Davenport '09) - "Filling Station on burger night."

Dr. Tom Potisk (Davenport '84) - "I still crave Sergio's calzones at the old Student Union!"

Dr. Kate Burmeister (Davenport '00) - "BOOZIES!!!"

Dr. Melissa Kolenda (Florida '07) - "Ritter's frozen custard ... nothing like it in the world!"