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Davenport Campus gets Spizzed up

11/14/2012 (Archived)

The first weekend in November was a busy one on the Davenport Campus, with Spizz Night being held Friday night and the Davenport Campus Visit held Saturday.

More than 400 students and prospective students attended the Spizz Night event in Vickie Anne Palmer Hall. Speakers Dr. Leigh Elceser and Dr. J. Richard Burns spoke about chiropractic and philosophy to a cheering crowd. Both received standing ovations. There were many vendors with whom the students could speak at the event, and more than $1,000 plus toys were donated for the local Toys for Tots program through a raffle. One lucky student won the grand prize, which was a portable adjusting table.

On Saturday, 73 prospective students and their guests took part in the Davenport Campus Visit. Visitors took part in four interactive classroom experiences, where they got a taste of what it would be like to be an actual chiropractic student at Palmer. The potential students also took a campus tour, met with Admissions representatives, visited the Clinic and more.

As a result of the campus visit, 15 of the prospective students applied to the College.