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Dr. Masahiko Matsushita returns to The Fountainhead

11/28/2012 (Archived)

 Dr. Matsushita visits PalmerRecently, Masahiko Matsushita, D.C. LCP, DPhCS (Davenport '03), visited the Davenport Campus with his friend and fellow chiropractor Dr. Yoshikazu Fujiki. Dr. Fujiki's two sons are prospective Palmer students.

"We had a great time at Palmer!" said Dr. Matsushita. "Thank you to Chancellor Dr. Marchiori, Ms. Lisa Walden (assistant director for Alumni) and all the Palmer people who gave us such a great experience--to get to see and touch Palmer history."

While Dr. Matsushita lives in Illinois and visits the campus regularly for Homecomings and graduations, this was Dr. Fujiki's first trip. According to Ms. Walden, it was his dream to visit Palmer, the place where chiropractic began.

Photo: Dr. Matsushita (right) and Dr. Fujiki visited Palmer's Davenport Campus on Nov. 19.