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As seen on Facebook: How has chiropractic changed your life?

11/28/2012 (Archived)

Question of the weekThis week we asked people on Facebook how chiropractic has changed their lives. Here are their answers:

Dr. Francisco Montaño Benet (Davenport '79) - "It hasn't, Chiropractic has always been my life."

Dr. Ian Hollaman (West '08) - "It has given me a pain free and vibrant life plus the ability to show others how to heal themselves structurally, biochemically and emotionally."

Dr. Stacey Kisting (Davenport ’06) - "Chiropractic brought me to Honduras where I started the Palmer Clinic Abroad program here. I then opened a private office, got married to a Honduran and had a beautiful baby boy. Life is good!!!!"

Razi F. - "I am still alive!"

Dr. Burdoc Nisson (Davenport '11) - "I can stand and walk normally vs the 17 years that it required canes or crutches."

Dr. Maximillian Zart (Florida '12) - "I wake up every morning eager to go to work and make a difference:) I couldn't have picked a better profession or a better school to educate me. Thanks, Palmer Florida!"

Karen M. - "Chiropractic saved my life from constant pain. Without chiropractic, I was unable to function and on 8 medicines--one which sent me to the ER two times and nearly killed me. My chiropractor helped me realize I didn't need them. I got off of them and my health got better and better! I had migraines every day for like 7 years and I felt like I was 85 or 90 when I was 21. Thank you, Dr. Karen and Dr. Brean, you are life savers!"

Melanie B. - "Allowed me to continue playing the sports I love!"

Samantha S. - "I just keep feeling better ever day."

Prince O. (chiropractic patient) - "I now know the true meaning of health."

Dr. Samantha Denstedt (Florida ) - "I thank God for chiropractic because my parents needed it so I could be here today. And it has gotten me through all my years of aches and pains. I love going to work and helping others with chiropractic too! Thanks, Palmer."