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As seen on Facebook: Who has made the biggest impression on you?

1/24/2013 (Archived)

Recently on Facebook and Twitter we asked what chiropractor has made the biggest impression on you. Here are your answers. (Answers were posted on Facebook unless otherwise noted.)

Sheldon Lunceford: "BJ of Davenport!"

Burdoc (Doc) Nisson: "Three mentor chiropractors: Dr. Michael Stern for ending my 17 years of handicap (and) inspiring me to go to chiropractic school. Dr. Alfred Harker for teaching me about facets and Activator soft tissue work. Dr. Ann Margrave for all the low force and whole person work." (Also: "Who helps me overcome that which others could not.")

Stephen Luna: "The one who shows their love and care."

Daniel Sosnoski: "Scott Haldeman has significantly influenced my thinking."

Steve Tullius: "The one that teaches, defends and promotes the unique professional objective of chiropractic."

Greg Postier: "Dr. Rick Burns, Dr. Cherie Goble, Dr. Mark Heal, and of course Dr. Clarence Gonstead!"

Nick Karapasas: "One who puts patients first."

Francisco Montaño Benet: "Who is true to his principles and knows what he is doing."

Phil Harrington: "Dr. G. O. Schmiedel."

Brian J Chandler DC: "Burns and Bovee hands down!"

Kerri Schwartz: "Jacob D. Perkins!!"

Jocelyn Solina Murzycki: "Dr. Timothy J. Murzycki, D.C. :)"

Megan Brown: "Brian J Brown, D.C."

Matt Jenn Rich: "Clark E. Rich D.C."

Mark DeDio: "Dr. Kathleen DeDio or as you know her Dr. Kathleen Clarkin - Divine Chiropractic"

Jacob D. Perkins: "Ron Frogley, DC, prior to school. During school Dave Juehring DC"

Rachel Brown: "Dr. McDonald from Charleston, WV"

Kylea Draayer: "Dr. Patrick Draayer of Austin, MN"

Nathan Wall DC: "Dr. Tony Ebel for sure!! Love this guy!"

Heather DuPrey-Wiedrich: "Dr Theodore Paul at Rice Chiropractic in DeKalb, IL"

Brian Corwell: "The one that got you to ..."

Adam Farley: "Dr. Dale Brown. He's the one that got me to decide that Chiropractic is what I want to do!"

Ben Schleeter: "Dr. Burns!"

TrilliumBing (Twitter): "Dr. James Cox as he continues to pioneer research and development of chiropractic and decompression."

Shannon Cole Johnson: "Dr. Brent O Warner at Warner Chiropractor office in Richlands, VA!!!!!"

Grant Nobles DC: "Dr. Leonard Faye!"

Nadine Illichmann: "Dr. Earl Roth (Roth Family Chiropractic Centers for Family Wellness) who helped me to find my true potential and to hear my chiropractic calling."

Tom Dawson: "Between Reggie Gold, Roy Sweat and Kurt Brendstrup."

chiropractic (Twitter): "D.D. Palmer  :)"

Minda Powers-Douglas: "Dr. Charles Butler."

Cindy Dunn: "Dr. Joseph Bogart and Dr. Dennis Filosa"

Gina Plaka: "My dad :)"

Marshall Carr: "CJ Epstein"

Fei Wei Lian: "Is the one who practiced 'true' wholism in their daily life and practice."

Lisa Hickey O'Brien: "Dr Bernard OBrien"

Destiny Maxson: "Dr. Suzanne Seekins. I'm slowly educating the area I live in about safe and effective chiropractic for pregnancy."

Troy Holder: "Dr. DeSarbo comes to mind first. However, more than one made an impact on the chiropractor I am today."

DrKatyDuncan (Twitter): "My chiropractor! Dr. Ted Japp in Blair, NE. If it wasn't for Dr. Japp, I couldn't see all my patients :-) I am so grateful!"

RA Muse: "Joseph M. Flesia Jr. DC"

John Paul Schaeffer: "Dr. Rolla Pennell, Dr. Gordon Hesuer, Dr. Ted Carrick, Dr. James Cox, Dr. Dan Murphy, Dr. Mark Charrette, Dr. Vernon Piearce, Dr. Earnest Napoltano, Dr. Bob Hoffman, Dr. Digacamo ... many more"