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Alumni Advisory Council announces two new members

2/8/2013 (Archived)

The Alumni Office congratulates the two newest members of the Alumni Advisory Council, Susan Wigley, D.C. (West '83), and Edward LeCara, D.C. (West '99). 

In 2008, the Alumni Office established the Alumni Advisory Council to assist and advise on matters relating to Palmer alumni. Advisory Council members are diverse in the campus of graduation, age, gender and type of practice. The role of members is to advise the College on programs and services for alumni that will enhance their patient care and their quality of life, as well as further Palmer's success. 

Palmer appreciates all the work the Alumni Advisory Council does to enhance the alumni experience and the College as a whole.

Current Advisory Council members include:

  • Dr. Shane Carter, Port Orange, Fla. (Florida '05)
  • Dr. Robert Corbett, High River, AB (Davenport '75)
  • Dr. Jeffrey Gehlsen, Freeport, Ill. (Davenport '85)
  • Dr. Craig Gilbaugh, Ashland, Wis. (Davenport '83)
  • Dr. Frank Gingras, Deland, Fla. (Davenport '75)
  • Dr. Hossein Hamadanchi, St. Joseph, Mich. (Davenport '82)
  • Dr. Mark Houk, Spokane, Wash. (Davenport '80)
  • Dr. Jodi Judge, Peoria, Ariz. (West '92)
  • Dr. Edward LeCara, Pleasanton, Calif. (West '99)
  • Dr. Paul Liechty, Rockwall, Texas (Davenport '76)
  • Dr. Masahiko Matsushita, Arlington Heights, Ill. (Davenport, '03)
  • Dr. Daniel Miller, Bangor, Mich. (Davenport '98)
  • Dr. Wesley Mullen, Mountain Top, Pa. (Davenport '72)
  • Dr. Rusty Myers, Zanesville, Ohio (Davenport '96)
  • Dr. Amber Plante, Ocala, Fla. (Florida '05)
  • Dr. Charles Price, Brooksville, Fla. (Davenport '75)
  • Dr. Brian Reilly, Hot Springs, Ark. (Davenport '82)
  • Dr. Susan Wigley, Atherton, Calif. (West '83)