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As seen on Facebook: What is your memory of your first chiropractic adjustment?

2/12/2013 (Archived)

We went on Facebook and Twitter and asked, "What is your memory of your first chiropractic adjustment?" Here are your answers. Posts are from Facebook unless otherwise noted.

What is your memory of your first chiropractic adjustment? 

  • Lorie Charles: 1974 - Dr. J. Larry Troxell - I was 13 - I was terrified - Had been pushed over a bike rack and couldn't stand up! Didn't take long though that I could walk fine and he was awesome through it all!! We became the best of friends and because of him and his intelligence combined with his caring heart, my life was changed for the better!
  • Jonathan Marshall: My less than 48 hour old baby girl is going to her Chiropractor for the first time in an hour. Nothing like being checked and adjusted as needed from birth! Chiropractic babies = healthy babies!
  • David Boyden: I received my first adjustment on July 30, 1968. It was big day for me; I had just moved out of my comfortable womb.
  • Devin Atkinson: 1978. I was born, placed on my mom's chest, adjusted by her, and then the cord was cut.
  • Jackie Dube: Two ice packs on my glutes, two bags of frozen peas around my neck, legs elevated over some pillows and a lot of pain. I've been going weekly for over five years now and it's the best thing I ever did for myself.
  • Frank Gennero: after my first adjustment by dr jim h, i went to lakeside mall and felt as though i were floating as i walked thru the mall. wow, is all i can say. releived a great deal of nerve pressure that day.
  • France Lamothe: March 27th 1980... just got to Davenport to start my DC studies, without even knowing how great it felt to be adjusted; just that my best friend told me about chiropractic, I visited 2 chiropractors and fell in love instantly with that profession...then, as I arrived in town, I was taken care of by a Quebec student doctor at PCC and felt right away the amazing grace of a subluxation-free spine!!
  • Marcie McKenna: I bet my first chiropractic adjustment was great, but I was just a week old when I had my first chiropractic adjustment, so I cannot remember it. But so thankful to have been adjusted right from the beginning!!
  • Matt Jenn Rich: Hard to remember much when I was 5 minutes old !!!!!
  • Erika Light Roberg: I can't recall. I was too young!
  • @McReynoldsDC (Twitter): I remember thinking,"This will never work." Saved me from back surgery at 14 years old.