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Poem: 'We're Still on Campus'

3/22/2013 (Archived)

Barry McAlpine, D.C. (Davenport '71 and current Palmer Board of Trustees member), has shared a poem he wrote about the value and pride of being a Palmer alumnus. His words are a reminder of how important it is to connect with current students. 

We're Still on Campus

If you look for us on campus you won't need a guiding light,
no longer just in Davenport, we're always out of sight.
We have a campus in Florida near the Daytona Speedway and also California in beautiful San Jose.
On your voyage through the hallways of all Palmer campus's three,
understanding the "Big Idea" will define your life's energy.
You may not be aware of us among the desks and chairs,
You'll have to look beyond the bricks and mortar as you climb those worn down stairs.
Don't look for us in the shadows, we're not living there.
Let us tell you the secret, We smile and walk among you, you can feel us in the air.
But if you take a moment from your studies and list of things to do,
close your eyes and listen to your innate, you'll find that we're waiting quietly here for you.
You're the reason that we're here,
You are the ones we long to inspire,
You gave us your hearts and soul
and we pray Palmer lites your fire.

D.D.--- B.J.--- Dave