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Organic Gardening Club growing on Florida Campus

4/4/2013 (Archived)

FL Florida Campus Organic Gardening ClubWhen the Organic Gardening Club started last spring (March 2012), the mission was to encourage students to learn how to garden, but more importantly to understand the importance of organic food and the benefits for themselves and their patients. 

“We go out to our garden plots behind Faith Church, directly in front of the Clinic every week on Saturdays and pull weeds, tend to our vegetables, add soil amendments and rotate crops," said John DeMutiis, Club President and Student Council Treasurer. "We have also had a couple guest speakers come to the garden to talk to us about the nutritional value of organic food, juicing and patient care.” 

The club helped rebuild the raised garden beds and replaced the trellises as a way to give back to the community garden that provides them with plots, some plants and water. The Gardening Club, which is led by faculty advisor, Anne Canty, Ph. D., professor and director of Life Sciences, meets a couple of Fridays a quarter on campus where they have guest speakers who educate the members about organic gardening practices, tower gardening and treating patients with whole food diets, etc. The club is comprised primarily of students, but is open to employees as well. 

“We raise money by selling our organic hot sauce and organic seedlings to the student body and the community to increase the involvement of the students. Our main goal is to raise the awareness and change the mindset of the future chiropractors here at Palmer,” adds DeMutiis. 

The foods most Americans consume currently are void of many nutrients and are processed to a point that it is causing many chronic illnesses. The hope is that Organic Gardening will lead to eating healthy and improve the health of all that are involved and trickle down to future patients. 

“Maintaining sustainable agricultural practices and being educated as to where our food comes from are important as well," said DeMutiis. "And finally, taking care of the environment and putting patients in control of their health vastly increases the results a patient gets each visit. It is our hope that the legacy will continue when we are gone, and be a reason future students come to Palmer’s Florida Campus."