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Alumni make prospective student dinner a success

4/11/2013 (Archived)

Palmer hosted the annual prospective student dinner at Thanksgiving Point in Utah on March 16. There were 60 people in attendance, and the speakers included current students Robert Miller and Justin Thompson and alumni Dr. Dave Juehring (Davenport ’94) and Dr. John Aznar (Davenport ’00). Two of the prospective students have already sent in their applications since the event.

Admissions Representative Ellen Bassler was there to assist the students and answer their questions. Here’s what attendees had to say:

• “I loved Dr. Aznar's presentation! I think that hearing from someone who has already been through all the schooling and is out working in his successful practice and fulfilling all the goals he had for his future is really exciting. It was also very refreshing to see that even though he graduated 12 years ago, he obviously still has a huge passion for what he does, which I think is really important for me.”

• “The excitement that this dinner created was great not only for me but also for my husband. He has never been adjusted and up to this point really had a negative outlook about chiropractic based upon the one chiropractor he has met (and dislikes), so the fact that he is now on board with the idea of me going to chiropractic school is a huge win!”

• “I thought that talking about the focus of the science, art, and philosophy was really great. I have not looked into a lot of other schools yet and honestly am not always sure what I need to be looking for, but it is always refreshing to see such a clear-cut goal for how to educate every student.”

• “The dinner was fantastic. My brother is in his second year at (another chiropractic college), and he sent me a list of questions he wished he would have asked before choosing a school. Between all the speakers and being able to talk with students, I received all my answers and am very impressed the quality of students and chiropractors Palmer produces. Honestly, the dinner met all my expectations.”

If you are interested in being part of a prospective student dinner or event, please contact the Admissions Office on our campus nearest to you: Davenport Campus, West Campus and Florida Campus.