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Operation Palmer Promotes Play to help local kids

4/29/2013 (Archived)

Have you heard about Operation Palmer Promotes Play (OP3) on the Davenport Campus? You may have, since proceeds from fundraisers like SPIZZ Night and the Palmer N8K charity run are benefiting this new organization, but you may be wondering what it’s all about.

OP3 is a student-lead organization that involves a number of student groups and College organizations. Its mission is to improve the health and well-being of children in our community through play. The major project for OP3 this year is to renew Sister Concetta Park, located at 6th and Warren streets in Davenport. The park is directly across the street from Project Renewal, a special program for neighborhood children that provides educational and recreational activities during the school year and summer in a safe, loving environment.

The leaders of OP3 have a plan to completely revitalize Sister Concetta Park, which is often used by the children of Project Renewal for their activities. The plans include re-grading and putting in sod in a portion of the park to create a sports field, creating an additional playground with fitness elements, adding a patio with shade trees where children may eat meals and snacks, and developing an amphitheater where children may perform plays and skits. All of this comes with a price tag of $65,000, which is the amount OP3 leaders are hoping to raise by this September.

In addition to proceeds from fundraisers among individual organizations being donated to the project, OP3 leaders have a major fundraiser planned for August 2-3, and they are applying for several grants. The fundraiser is a Dance-a-thon that will be held from 3 p.m. on Friday, August 2nd to 3 p.m. on Saturday, August 3rd. Individuals may participate, or groups may partner with a Project Renewal child to help make their playground dream come true. 

Another date to save is Saturday, September 21, which is the “build date” for the new and improved Sister Concetta Park. Organizers are looking for at least 200 volunteers.

In addition to involvement from the Palmer community, OP3 leaders are hoping to recruit Dance-a-thon participants and volunteers to help with the build from other Quad-City area residents. Through these efforts, the group is hoping to instill in the entire Quad-City community the enjoyment and benefits of daily activity and healthy habits.

To get involved, contact OP3 Volunteer Coordinator Caitlin Painchaud at Caitlin.Painchaud@gmail.com or on Facebook.

OP3 Leaders  

  • Project Leader: Jennifer Katzer
  • Fundraising: Kristina Bemis
  • Volunteer Recruiters: Caitlin Painchaud and Gabriela Ludeman
  • Public Relations: Devanni Partridge
  • Children’s Activities: Annie Bernstein and Lorena Wenger 
  • Refreshments: Alisha Blanco
  • Safety: Miranda Schmitt
  • Logistics: Alan Cagle
  • Advisor: Lisa Walden, Assistant Director of Alumni 

Involved Clubs and Organizations 

  • Animal Chiropractic Club
  • Campus Guides
  • Delta Delta Pi Fraternity
  • Palmer Alumni Foundation
  • Palmer Center for Business Development
  • Palmer Student Alumni Foundation
  • Palmer student body
  • Sigma Phi Chi Sorority
  • Student American Black Chiropractic Association
  • Student Council
  • The Beacon
  • Veterans Association
  • Vogt Leadership