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Help build Palmer and chiropractic’s future

5/14/2013 (Archived)


“We have the most amazing, talented D.C.s anywhere in the world—scratch that—we have some of the most amazing talented PEOPLE representing Palmer anywhere in the world.”     
- Admissions Representative Kelan Ritchie  

Purple hammerIt’s not a secret that many of our students come to Palmer because of alumni referrals. After all, who knows Palmer better than our alumni?

Because of this, there’s a way you can help build Palmer’s future as well as that of the entire chiropractic profession. You can refer new students to Palmer. Or you can come to a prospective student event to talk about your experience as a chiropractor.

While everyone knows visiting a campus is an important part of selecting a college, the next best thing (or sometimes the best thing) is giving the students a chance to talk with you—Palmer’s alumni.

Palmer’s Admissions representatives spend a lot of time on the road, meeting potential future chiropractors. But the impact they make is nothing compared to what you can do.

This spring, Admissions representatives from all three Palmer campuses have held successful prospective student events throughout the country. Two of them shared their experiences with Palmer Highlights.

In Ann Arbor, Mich., Admissions Representative Kelan Ritchie (Davenport Campus) was joined by alumni Dr. Jonathan Lazar, Dr. Princely Ebwe and Dr. Joshua Stockwell. They spoke to 30 attendees, including 21 prospective students, at the Chop House restaurant.

Here’s what the prospective students had to say:

  • “I just wanted to thank you for an inspiring evening. Everyone was extremely insightful about Palmer and chiropractic overall. Now, more than ever, I am confident that becoming a chiropractor is the best career choice for me." 
  • “Thank you so much for the invitation to the event. I found it ever so helpful and the final push I needed to get that application done as soon as possible.”
  • “The stories and excitement from everyone who spoke were definitely life-changing. I can’t wait for my opportunity to finally join the Palmer chiropractic family. Let me know if there’s anything you still need from me to get accepted into my first choice of schools: Iowa’s Palmer College of Chiropractic.”

According to Kelan, Dr. Lazar and Dr. Ebwe’s presentation was “inspiring” and a “very powerful testament to the core principles of chiropractic, thus naturally making it a powerful message about Palmer College.”

Admission Representative Ellen Bassler recently held a prospective student dinner in Green Bay, Wis., at a restaurant called 1951 West. Dr. Skip Wyss, Dr. Ron Boesch and current Davenport Campus student Zach Chudy were there to speak to the 32 attendees. Dr. Julie Wyss was also there and talked with several prospective students one-on-one. According to Ellen, there are already two applicants from the event!

Here is what some of the prospective students had to say:

  • “I made a two-and-a half hour trip up to Green Bay and really hoped this dinner would be helpful and worthwhile. I really didn’t know what to expect, and I have very little knowledge about chiropractic medicine and what a career in chiropractic can do for you. When the dinner was over and all the presentations came to an end, I was pleasantly surprised. It was extremely helpful and fun! [There was even] a presentation by a professor who talked about research opportunities at Palmer, which I didn’t even know existed. … Our night was wrapped up by a Palmer alumnus who is actually practicing out in the field. It’s one thing to learn the material, but to hear how the knowledge that Palmer gives you actually prepares you for the real world was the best part of the night. … I hope you continue these dinners, and I look forward to turning my application in to Palmer.”
  • “The dinner was a great experience! I really enjoyed the variety of perspectives of the speakers. Not only were their presentations useful, they were really inspiring, too. I felt like they all love practicing chiropractic, which makes me even more excited to begin my journey in becoming a chiropractor. I was even invited by Dr. Skip to visit his office in Green Bay. This really meant a lot to me, so I am going to follow through with that as soon as I can.”

YOU can make all the difference to the future of Palmer College and chiropractic and to a future chiropractor. Contact the Admissions Office to attend or set up a prospective student event near you. 

Palmer College in Davenport - admissions.ia@palmer.edu 

Palmer's West Campus in San Jose - admissions.ca@palmer.edu 

Palmer's Florida Campus in Port Orange - admissions.fl@palmer.edu