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Dr. Brent Buss focuses on the art of chiropractic

5/16/2013 (Archived)

Brent Buss, D.C. (Davenport '11), was an artist first and became a chiropractor later. Now he is combining his two loves into a healthy and artful message. 

 Dr. Brent Buss, artistHighlights: How long have you been painting? Did you continue to paint during your time as a student?

Dr. Buss: I have been painting my whole life. Although it’s a natural talent for me, I actually quit painting when I went away to college so I could focus on academics. It was a great break for me, too, since I had been continuously surrounded by my artwork and projects. Once I started chiropractic school, I started to miss the freedom and stress-free mentality of painting, so I started it up again. It was a great break from studying. It was extremely difficult to fit it in the busy schedule of chiropractic school, but if it’s something you love, I think you’ll be able to find time for it no matter what it is or where you are. 

Highlights: Why did you decide you wanted to become a chiropractor? And why did you select Palmer College?

Dr. Buss: After shadowing a number of doctors from all different fields, I decided to become a chiropractor after truly understanding the “above-down, inside-out” and “least invasive to most” mentalities. It made the most sense to me, and I could not be happier with the decision I made. This is one of the best professions in the world. 

I chose Palmer because it’s The Fountainhead. It’s where everything started for our profession, and it’s where I wanted my career to start in chiropractic. 

Highlights: When and why did you decide to start selling chiropractic-themed paintings?

Dr. Buss: I have sold paintings for years, but it wasn’t until the International Club on Palmer’s campus had an art contest when I started to create chiropractic-themed paintings. I won the contest with a great painting (a spine with different national flags on each vertebra) that was soon auctioned off to a great non-profit chiropractic organization. Since then, it made sense to combine my passion for chiropractic with my passion of art and painting.

Highlights: What message do you feel your paintings represent?

Dr. Buss: I feel my paintings represent how chiropractic is a universal system of health care. If you have a spine, you need a chiropractor. That should cover the whole planet. People from all over the world know what art is, so people from all over the world can get the idea of chiropractic and the importance of our spines through art.

Highlights: How do you think your art enhances your life as a chiropractor?

Dr. Buss: Life as a chiropractor is an amazing one. It’s rewarding on a daily basis. Since I am able to incorporate that into my paintings, it just makes life that much more enjoyable. 

Highlights: Do you have any advice for current students or recent graduates?

Dr. Buss: My advice would be for everyone to keep teaching and spreading the word of chiropractic. There are so many people in our society, and in our world, that don’t understand what chiropractic is all about. Use any talents you’re gifted with--whether you’re an amazing speaker, a great athlete, an artist, an outstanding chiropractor or maybe you’re just great at connecting with people--and share what this wonderful profession is all about.

To learn more about Dr. Buss' artwork, visit www.brentbuss.com.