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Friends of Palmer meeting at West Homecoming fosters productive feedback

5/28/2013 (Archived)

Friends of Palmer - West Campus 2013For the second year in a row, the West Campus Homecoming event include a special Friends of Palmer meeting involving Palmer alumni (and some non-Palmer doctors) who shared their perspectives in practice and viewpoints about the profession through participation in stimulating dialogue moderated by West Campus President Bill Meeker, D.C., M.P.H.

Once again, a portion of the meeting involved a collective discussion among the more than 30 doctors in attendance (along with Palmer Alumni Office representatives, which included Mr. Bob Lee and Lisa Walden from the Davenport Campus and Dr. Tom Milus, West Campus Alumni representative), who then broke up into smaller groups, with the task of identifying and prioritizing some of the key issues facing the future of the profession.

“When we organize the Friends of Palmer meetings, I am always impressed by the level of discussion and the large benefit we get from listening to people who are caring for patients on a daily basis,” said Dr. Meeker. “The feedback they provide is so important to the ability of Palmer’s West Campus to achieve our institutional goal of providing students with an outstanding educational experience, and preparing them to join their fellow Palmer alumni as future doctors of chiropractic. Once again, we thank the participating Friends of Palmer doctors heartily for their support.”

Doctors who participated in the May 4 Friends of Palmer meeting included: Dr. Anjali Agrawal (West, ’05); Dr. David Benevento; Kimberly Bensen (West ’96); Zach Brantner (West ’10); Dr. Robert Chatfield (West, ’83); Dr. Andrew Cohen (West ’04); Dr. Gina de Wet (West, ’03); Dr. Dino Del Mastro (West ’10); Dr. Rachel Frozenfar; Dr. Mary Jo Giagiari (West, ’86); Dr. Stephen Gunter (West ’93); Dr. Keith Jeffers (West, ’84); Dr. Jorn Jensen (’94); Dr. Carl Keller (’88); Dr. Brad Kobsar (West, ’95); Dr. Grace Lau-Basista (West, ’90); Dr. Daniel Lord (West, ’08); Dr. Michael Lord (West, ’10); Dr. Charlotte Matityahu (West, ’93); Dr. John Moore (West, ’87); Dr. Kelli Pearson (West, ’83); Dr. Brant Pedersen (West, ’04); Dr. Michael Pound (West, ’09); Stacey Shulenberger (West, ’01); Dr. Scott Swanson (West, ’02); Dr. Beate Teufel (West, ’04); Dr. Kai Tiltmann (West, ’98); Dr. William Tolhurst (West, ’82); Dr. Susan Wigley (West, ’83); Dr. Rebecca Wilson (West, ’03); and Dr. Jesse Young (West, ’09).