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West Campus elects new Associated Student Government officers

6/5/2013 (Archived)

New West Campus ASG officersThe student body at Palmer College’s West Campus recently conducted its annual election of new Associated Student Government (ASG) officers, which resulted in the following executive council for the 2013-2014 term (that begins effective Summer Quarter ’13 in July):

• President: Tomilyn Thornberry
Tomilyn has participated in a variety of West Campus programs and student organizations since initiating her chiropractic studies in Oct. 2011. The Wilmington, Ohio, native is a member of several student clubs (SPEAK, Sports Council, Student CCA, Integrative Medicine, among others), and serves as secretary/treasurer of the West Campus Guides. 

“In order for us to become the best version of ourselves here at school -- and, eventually as doctors of chiropractic – it’s necessary for us to encourage, and be encouraged,” said Tomilyn, who earned her B.S. (biology) from Xavier Univ. in Cincinnati, and her M.A. (education) from the Univ. of Notre Dame in South Bend. Ind.

“As officers of the Associated Student Government, we are ultimately catalysts for helping our student body as whole dig deeper into their interests and passions while attending Palmer’s West Campus. I believe this is what creates change, and will not only enhance our experience here at Palmer, but will also make us better doctors of chiropractic!”

• Vice President: Courtenay Schroeder
Courtenay worked as a pediatric care nurse for six years prior to initiating her chiropractic studies at Palmer’s West Campus in Oct. 2011. Her motivation for redirecting her career into chiropractic was ignited following her experience as a chiropractic patient, in which she achieved positive results for work-related back injury. 

“I consider it an honor to serve my fellow students, and look forward to working with my fellow ASG officers to enhance the West Campus student experience, especially as it relates to the clinic intern portion of the program, which is one of the primary areas of responsibility for the ASG vice president,” A native of Detroit Lakes, Minn., Courtenay is an active participant in various West Campus clubs and student organizations, including Campus Guides, Sports Council, Functional Fitness, Ping-Pong, as well as several technique clubs. 

• Athletic Director: Patrick Cucarola
A native of Sterling, Colo., Patrick earned his B.S. (sport and exercise physiology) from the Univ. of Northern Colorado prior to initiating his chiropractic studies at Palmer’s West Campus in Oct. 2011. In addition to his role as an officer of the West Campus ASG, Patrick also serves as an executive board member of the West Campus Sports Council. 

“In my role as ASG athletic director, I look forward to serving my fellow students, and bringing some of my personal experience in the field of competitive sports, and athletic training, to my position as ASG athletic director,” said Patrick, , who earned his Strength and Conditioning Specialist certification from the American Council of Exercise Trainers.

“I also hope to inspire others to live their lives guided by the motto by which I live mine: Don’t hold back in the crowd, and watch the days of your life pass you by. Sometimes you have to leap off the cliff, and build your wings on the way down.”

• Community Director: Lisa Jewell
Lisa initiated her chiropractic studies at Palmer’s West Campus in March 2012. She is an officer of the West Campus chapter of the Palmer Student Alumni Foundation (PSAF), a member of various campus clubs (including the Sports Council), and works as a tutor in the gross anatomy lab.

“I’m excited about serving as an ASG officer, and I look forward to providing ways for fellow students to get involved with our school, and to promote chiropractic, through participation in various activities that continue the West Campus ASG tradition of reaching out and serving our community,” said Lisa, who earned her B.S. (kinesiology) from the Univ. of Wisconsin Eau Claire in 2009.

• Secretary: Leah Helin
Leah initiated her chiropractic studies at Palmer’s West Campus in the fall of 2011, following her graduation from Arizona State Univ., where she earned her B.S. (biological sciences). In addition to ASG, Leah has been involved in a variety of other clubs and student organizations at Palmer’s West Campus, including Sports Council and the student chapter of the American Chiropractic Association (SACA).

“I’m so thankful, and honored, for this opportunity to serve the student body, and our school; the incoming executive council is so excited for all the events and activities that we plan to present during our term as ASG officers,” said Leah, a native of Anchorage, Alaska.

• Social Director: Michael Valones
A native of Teaneck, NJ, Michael has participated in a variety of activities and student organizations since initiating his chiropractic studies in the fall of 2011, including the Sports Council, the West Campus student chapter of the American Chiropractic Association (SACA), the West Campus soccer team, and several technique clubs. 

“Serving as an ASG officer means we have a responsibility to the students, faculty and friends of Palmer to help them building bridges, and become more interactive with one another,” said Michael, who earned his B.S. (biochemistry) from Drew Univ. in Madison, NJ.

“The friends and experiences we share during our time at Palmer form the memories that we will carry with us for the rest of our lives. It’s important to make them the best that we can. My goal during my term as an ASG officer is to organize social activities that help unite us as a community, bring us a little closer together, while also providing a fun and relaxing break from the rigors of our daily time in the clinic and classroom – and nights of studying for the following day’s next exam!”

• Treasurer: Morgan Rovetti
Since initiating her chiropractic studies at Palmer’s West Campus in Jan. 2012, Morgan has been involved in a variety of student clubs and organizations. The Reno, Nev., native is a member of the West Campus Guides, and serves as president of the West Campus chapter of SPEAK (Student Patient Education and Knowledge). Morgan grew up in a chiropractic family (her father is Dr. David Rovetti, ’85 West alumnus); however, she gained a whole new appreciation for chiropractic while playing on the U20 women’s rugby team, which features the top women rugby players in the country. 

“I like to get involved in ways that I can help ‘make a difference’, and my position as an ASG officer provides another way that I can serve my fellow students, as help promote Palmer and the chiropractic profession,” said Morgan, who completed her Palmer prerequisites at the University of Nevada at Reno, and at Brigham Young University.

Photo: Newly elected West Campus executive officers of the Associated Student Government for the 2013-2014 term include (front row, left to right) Courtenay Schroeder, vice president; Morgan Rovetti, treasurer; Tomilyn Thornberry, president; Michael Valones, social director; Leah Helin, secretary; and (back row, left to right) Patrick Cucarola, athletic director; Morgan Rovetti, treasurer; and Lisa Jewell, community director.