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What is the #PalmerExperience?

7/10/2013 (Archived)

PalmerExperienceMerriam-Webster states that an experience is the "fact or state of having been affected by or gained knowledge through direct observation or participation," "the conscious events that make up an individual life" or that of "a community nation or humankind generally," or "something personally encountered, undergone or lived through."

What does it mean to experience Palmer? And what does it mean to have a Palmer experience? Our alumni are experienced. Our students are experiencing what it is to be studying chiropractic at Palmer. You can take the phrase "Palmer experience" and look at it from a number of ways.

We want to know what the #PalmerExperience means to you (note that it's hashtagged so you can Tweet your thoughts or post photos on Instagram that tell your story).

Whether you tweet us, Instagram us, Facebook us, pin us or even e-mail us, we want you to share your #PalmerExperience.