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Top 5 new things at Palmer Homecoming

8/1/2013 (Archived)

Davenport Campus Graduation June 2013There are dozens of reasons to attend a Palmer Homecoming, but we've narrowed down five new reasons to come to Homecoming in Davenport, Iowa, Aug. 8-10.

5. “Pain in America” documentary sneak preview. See it before it airs on PBS!

4. Get your photo taken with a legend! Visit the Palmer booth in the expo to find out who it is!

3. The #PalmerExperience. What is it? That’s up to you … Help us make Palmer trend in the Twitterverse and on Instagram.

2. Chiropractic history exhibits in Vickie Anne Palmer Hall. 

1. A QR code scavenger hunt—the first 50 people to scan them all win a special edition Palmer T-shirt not available anywhere else.