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History in every corner on the Davenport Campus

8/29/2013 (Archived)

History displayIt seems every time you turn a corner in Vickie Anne Palmer Hall (VAPH), you see a historical exhibit. This is thanks to the staff of the Palmer Foundation for Chiropractic History, including Senior Director of Palmer Foundation for Chiropractic History Alana Callender, Ed.D., Julie Knaak and Roger Hynes, D.C. You can also find exhibits in various locations around the Davenport Campus.

On the first floor of VAPH you’ll find a recreation of D.D. Palmer’s office in the Ryan Building at Second and Brady streets as it would have appeared in 1895. Included in this exhibit is the bench on which D.D. Palmer administered the first adjustment to Harvey Lillard. On this same floor you will also find a Centennial exhibit, which chronicles the history of chiropractic with an adjusting table from each decade and numerous artifacts that trace the profession’s development. In the Fellows Room, there is an exhibit that honors Fellows of the Palmer Academy of Chiropractic.

You can also see exhibits on the lower level, in the Ballroom and on the second floor of the building.

Elsewhere on the Davenport Campus, you will find pieces of chiropractic and Palmer history:

  • Palmer Residence Courtyard – Wishing Buddha, Hindu idols from Bali, marble Venus statue, totem poles and the recently restored bells cast by B.J. Palmer 
  • David D. Palmer Health Sciences Library Building – The Palmer Osteological Collection (additional specimens may be found in VAPH and the Campus Health Center)
  • Clinic Gardens (outside Campus Health Center) – Sundial cast specifically for Davenport’s latitude and longitude, and the large ship anchor and chain from the pirate ship CabrilloHistory sign 
  • Friendship Court (upper level) – Memorial displays to the fourth College president Galen Price, D.C., and the seventh president Virgil Strang, D.C.
  • D.D. Palmer Memorial Building – Wall exhibit commemorating the role of chiropractic founder and first president D.D. Palmer, and wall exhibit in honor of Russell Erhardt, D.C., DACBR (at entrance to Russell Erhardt X-ray Department)
  • B.J. Palmer Classroom Building - Wall exhibit commemorating the role of second president B.J. Palmer in chiropractic education
  • Mabel Heath Palmer Laboratory – Wall exhibit commemorating the role of Mabel Heath Palmer, D.C., in chiropractic education (there is also a life-size statue of Dr. Mabel near the second-floor entrance to the Library)
  • West Hall – The Hall of Presidents and Hall of Philosophers

“More displays are coming,” said Dr. Callender. “We are hoping to open a main exhibit hall on the first floor in the future.”

VAPH is open from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.