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What's your chiropractic miracle?

8/30/2013 (Archived)

Happy and healthyAsk a Doctor of Chiropractic about "chiropractic miracles," and he or she may tell you there are no such things. It's the body's ability to work properly without nerve interference that really makes things happen. But to the patient who has walked with a cane for years or has been in constant pain since she fell, chiropractic is indeed a miracle.

Palmer wants to share the stories of how chiropractic care changed your life and the lives of your patients.* Did you avoid surgery? Were you able to continue playing a sport after an injury put you "permanently" on the sidelines? Did chiropractic help your child with an illness or affliction that was thought to be untreatable?

If chiropractic has extraordinarily improved your life, please share your story with us. We would love to share it and encourage others to experience the benefits of good health that chiropractic offers.

Send your stories to Minda at minda.powers@palmer.edu.

*The sharing of patient stories must be approved by the patients themselves. Patients are also encouraged to submit their own personal stories to us directly.