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PCBD Career Fair: A 'priceless opportunity'

10/14/2013 (Archived)

HandshakeThe Palmer Center for Business Development offers an annual career fair, giving students the opportunity to connect with doctors in the field, potential employers and business management groups.

"As a 9th trimester student at the time, I learned a lot about my options for future employment," said Brock Field, a 10th trimester student on the Davenport Campus. "Throughout class we learn a lot about how to market, about coding, or how to deal the practice that we either build, buy or become an associate of. But currently we are all striving to get to find that 'perfect' job for us so we can utilize the business and marketing skills our classes have instilled upon us."

Field is very appreciative of the experience and said the opportunities at the career fair were "priceless."

"You can't get the same opportunity in a classroom," he continued. "Having the opportunity to speak one on one with a possible future employers allows you to practice talking with these type of people. It allows you to learn what to say and what not to say."

The career fair also gave students a chance to meet representatives from business management groups.

"Networking with these individuals opened some new doors to different opportunities that I otherwise would not have thought about," said Field.

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