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West Campus student's poster earns first place

10/18/2013 (Archived)

Nichelle and Dr. FeinbergPalmer College of Chiropractic West Campus student Nichelle (Francavilla) Gurule recently earned first place honors for her entry in the fifth annual “Dr. Tom Hyde Poster Presentation,” a featured event at the 2013 American Chiropractic Association Sports Council’s Sports Symposium, Sept. 27-29, in New Rutherford, New Jersey.

Gurule and 14 other West Campus students (along with Dr. Ed Feinberg, D.C., West Sports Council faculty advisor) joined several-hundred Sports Council members (doctors and students) attended a two-day program featuring some of the top doctors in the sports-chiropractic field.

Gurule, past-president of the West Campus Sports Council, presented a poster that focused on three cases of disc extrusion, each of which were treated by a different form of care, resulting in three different outcomes: one received anti-inflammatories and epidural steroid injections (disc never resorbed); another was given flexion-based care (made the disc worse); and the third avoided anti-inflammatory medication, and received chiropractic care (disc completely resorbed).

“This award is special, and such a big honor, because the doctors at the symposium were the voters, and that means they enjoyed my research,” said Gurule, who will graduate in December, and is completing a Palmer College DoD/V.A. internship at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland.

In addition to the Sports Council, Gurule has also served as an officer of the Associated Student Government, and a member of the West Campus Guides.
“Nichelle’s research, and her presentation at the Symposium, were inspiring and significant; it was quite a great honor for Nichelle, and, for Palmer, as it marked the first time that a member of the West Sports Council earned the First Place award,” said Dr. Feinberg, who has served as faculty advisor since the West Sports Council was founded in 1994, and was among the featured Symposium speakers, presenting a seminar session on “Concussion Updates.”

“Nichelle did a great job; the entire group of entries was remarkable, and each of the 12 students did a tremendous job,” said Dr. Thomas Hyde, 2001 ACA Sports Council Hall of Fame inductee, for whom the poster-presentation award is named, in honor of Dr. Hyde’s collective career achievements and contributions to advance the field of sports chiropractic.

Gurule was one of 15 West Campus students who attended the Symposium, including: Alain David, Pooja Dhir, Matt Fuller, Antonio Gurule, Sawyer Hildebrant, Trevor May, Diana Miller, Bella Reme, Tony Rodgers, Will Shiau, Brandon Thomas, Amy Tucker, Kevin Vieser (who also presented in the poster competition), and Brad Watson.

Photo: Dr. Ed Feinberg and West Campus student Nichelle Gurule.