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Giving thanks: Less swagger, more humility!

11/11/2013 (Archived)

 By guest writer Jennifer Katzer, Davenport Campus student

Katzer familyThis statement could ring true for all of us as we approach the holiday season and consider our feelings on giving. 

I discussed this mentality on a weekend drive with my family. My reaction was that I was proud to give freely to my loved ones and give up luxuries that could have certainly improved my "swagger," but I also realized the community I called home was in need and there was more that I could give of myself. I knew I needed to look to the example of the supportive and caring people surrounding me.

My personal experience with giving was through the Bechtel Trust Scholarship. After my first two trimesters at Palmer, my husband and I were blessed with the arrival of our first son. Thankfully, he waited until after I had completed finals that October. We were living the dream as a successful couple with a beautiful baby. Because of all the good things we had, we realize now that we lived with a swagger. 

As I was preparing to come back to school, my husband's employer sold his company to an investor and closed their doors. This had a huge financial impact on our lives. After discussing our circumstances with Palmer staff, they suggested I apply for student scholarships made possible through gifts from alumni of Palmer. Through the generosity and consideration of the Bechtel family, the Bechtel Trust Scholarship has allowed me to continue my education and for us to make it through a difficult period as a young family. Since that time, my husband has started a new position, and our son is a healthy and well-adjusted little boy. 

Being awarded the Bechtel Trust Scholarship inspired me to become more involved in philanthropic activities at Palmer and in the community, including co-founding Operation Palmer Promotes Play (OP3). OP3 was formed to provide an opportunity for Palmer students and community organizations to volunteer their time to promote health and wellness through play. We continue to volunteer and fundraise to rebuild and revitalize Davenport's Sister Concetta Park, in partnership with Project Renewal, to provide children with a safe outdoor space where they can be active. 

The lesson for me has been to appreciate the support I've received as a Palmer student by living humbly and being grateful that I have the opportunity to continue to pursue my dream of being a Chiropractor. I ask that you consider living with "less swagger and more humility." Happy Thanksgiving!


#GivingTuesdayA message from the Development Office:

This Dec. 3—the day after Cyber Monday and days after Black Friday, will be #GivingTuesday. #GivingTuesday is “a campaign to create a national day of giving at the start of the annual holiday season. It celebrates and encourages charitable activities that support non-profit organizations” (www.community.givingtuesday.org). In its inaugural year in 2012, more than $10 million in online donations were received for the participating 2,500 partner organizations.

This year Palmer is taking part in #GivingTuesday to encourage gifts to the Palmer Fund that will provide scholarships for our students. While you are welcome to contribute at any time, we hope you will also consider donating on #GivingTuesday and making a difference to the online movement.

Visit www.palmer.edu/donate or call (800) 722-2586, Opt. 3, Opt. 4. Make sure you tweet about it with #GivingTuesday and @palmercollege.