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Navy veteran, West Campus student Jennifer Morris looks forward to serving military who’ve served their country

11/14/2013 (Archived)

West student Jennifer MorrisAs a former Navy officer, current West Campus student Jennifer Morris knows the degree to which members of the military subject their bodies to severe physical trauma every day of duty.

Now, as she begins her clinic internship, Ms. Morris looks forward to the day she’s able to serve the brave men and women who have served their country.

Ms. Morris, a native of Cedarhurst, N.Y., received her commission in the U.S. Navy as an ensign the day before she graduated from MIT (B.S./history) in 2003. 

For her first tour of duty, Ms. Morris was assigned to a Naval cruiser in the Atlantic Ocean. Promoted to the rank of officer, she had daily oversight of 40 sailors, and let teams in more than 20 successful simulated combat operations. A severe knee injury prematurely ended her active-military career in 2005. 

“I became vaguely familiar with chiropractic at that point,” said Ms. Morris, when she joined a Pilates studio that provided access to the chiropractic services of Drs. Kerri and Eric Nelson.

When her car was rear-ended twice in the span of one month, “I went straight to Dr. Eric with a bad case of whiplash -- and that’s when I become a chiropractic patient.”

Jennifer MorrisIt’s also the moment that Ms. Morris began her journey of evolving from chiropractic patient to chiropractic practitioner, which led her to attend Palmer’s West Campus.

“I could not ask for a richer learning environment,” said Ms. Morris, president of the SOT Club, who works as a Radiography Lab monitor in the West Campus Library.

As she begins his clinic internship, Ms. Morris is excited to take a big step toward reaching her new career goal. She looks forward to serving her own patients – in particular, active-duty military and veterans.

“I feel that I’m uniquely qualified, and in touch with, the needs of today’s military, and its veterans. I’m always advocating chiropractic, and encouraging veterans to explore that option.” 

Student Jennifer Morris