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West alum honored as WSCA Chiropractor of the Year

11/15/2013 (Archived)

West alumnus Dr. McMillinThe Washington State Chiropractic Association (WSCA) honored West Campus alumnus Austin McMillin, D.C. (’88) as Chiropractor of the Year at the 2013 WSCA Convention. Dr. McMillin, who has maintained a practice at ProActive Spine Care in Tacoma since 1989, was recognized “for his extraordinary professionalism and unending dedication as well as the dignity with which he engages issues on behalf of the profession.”

“While I’m honored by the award, there are many people in the state of Washington who work very hard to contribute and create a better environment for chiropractic doctors, and the patients we serve,” said Dr. McMillin, a Fellow of the American Back Society (ABS), who is a multi-published author, and a frequent speaker at various seminars and conferences, including this year’s WSCA Convention.

“I look at my 25 years in practice, and everything I’ve achieved during that period of time, as a ‘team’ effort with my chiropractic colleagues; there are so many people whom I’ve learned from, and I hope that I always have something valuable to share in turn.”

Dr. McMillin acknowledges that receiving the WSCA Chiropractor of the Year award was quite an honor, and a special way to celebrate his silver-anniversary in practice – a year that has also included moments of reflection on his days as a West Campus student on the founding campus in Sunnyvale. “Evidence-based research and a clinically-based curriculum have been a hallmark of Palmer’s West Campus from the beginning, and those are two of the main reasons that I chose to attend the West campus,” said Dr. McMillin.

Moving forward into the next chapter of his career, Dr. McMillin hopes to help more people achieve optimal health and live their life to the fullest. 

“There’s no greater feeling than changing a person’s life, and having the ability to effect positive change on the health of so many people. We are in a great profession with unmatched value – and I’m grateful to be a part of it.”

Photo: West Campus alumnus Dr. Austin McMillin (’88) was honored as Chiropractor of the Year by the Washington State Chiropractic Association at the recent WSCA Convention. Dr. McMillin received his award from Dr. Joel Vranna, the 2012 honoree.